Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why I support Indie Authors

Why I Support Indie Authors

About a year ago a good friend of mine sent two chapters of a book to a publishing house in Mosselbay, South Africa. They responded within less than a week and gave her two weeks to finish the book. She worked 24/7. The book was finished on time. The publishing house signed a contract wherein they promised a book launch and signing, an author website etc etc. All this was supposed to happen by December 16th 2011. By the 10th they haven't started planning the launch. No invites had been sent. Nothing was done! 
Finally the 17th came and the book was launched at a small book shop in Mosselbay. No more than 30 people attended. 
The book was supposed to be in stores by December 24 2011 for Christmas shopping. It was in one store, the little book shop where it was launched.
Early 2012 the publishing house had to close its doors. An employee a.k.a manager stole a lot of money. Neither my friend's book nor any of the other author's books made it to stores. They didn't see a cent of the money that they paid to the publishing house. 

In April I started researching self publishing. My friend agreed and I helped her to finally publish her book on Smashwords. 

My vision and mission is to help Indie Authors, especially the ones who have been wronged by the publishing house in South Africa. 

On this blog I will review and interview Indie books and authors. 

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  1. Everyone needs a friend like you. You go girl, and get those books rolling off the presses and servers.

    1. Thank you Sharon,
      Appreciate it!
      Our writers need more readers like you...